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The Depreciation Report: What, Why, How?

What is a Depreciation Report? Depreciation reports ensure that Condominium Strata Councils establish ongoing building maintenance and renewals, while providing the opportunity to financially plan for associated costs. It was legislated that Condo buildings needed to have Depreciation reports completed by December 2013, or to at least have hired a firm to complete the report.

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Home Come True

Becky and Chris began looking for their dream home about a year ago when they asked Ole Schmidt to help guide them in their search. Although they had a fairly large spectrum of possibilities, the young family had a few specific “needs” for their prospective home. The number one item on their list was location.

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Deep Roots

Located at the corner of Moss and Fairfield, the Duttons buildings represent a deep-rooted connection to the Fairfield Community. In the early 1900s, the intersection, also known as “5 Points”, was the centre of the Fairfield neighbourhood. As Victoria’s real estate market grew, so did the developments around this landmark intersection. Soon this area included

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