Supporting RainCoast Dog Rescue

RainCoast Dog Rescue was suggested by Brian as a great organization to support. It was not long ago when Brian and his wife Catherine were looking to add a dog to their family, and it was then when they met Jesse Adams and Brielle Turpin, the founders of RainCoast.

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a very passionate and dedicated BC non-profit Dog Rescue organization which was created in 2014 in Victoria. It is a 100% non-profit. All donations, adoption fees, fundraiser earnings and merchandise sales go directly back towards rescuing more dogs and caring for the rescue dogs RainCoast Dog Rescue has in its care. RainCoast does not take any money for personal profit.

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society has a RainCoast Farm acreage where it can help house, foster, train and care for most of the dogs it rescues. They also use foster homes with big hearts to help take care of their amazing rescue dogs. RainCoast shows its rescues love, care, patience, some basic training and understanding until they are adopted into their loving forever homes.

Brian and Catherine have great appreciation for RainCoast…

“We cannot thank Jesse and Brielle enough for helping us connect with Horatio. Their selfless dedication to rescuing dogs impressed us immensely and we are extremely grateful for the work that they do. Horatio is an absolute dream, and is adding even more joy to our happy life.”

When told of our $400 donation to RainCoast, Jesse and Brielle had this lovely response…

You guys are amazing and we truly truly appreciate it. We are rescuing more dogs than ever and we just rescued a pregnant female and will need as much money as possible to care for her and all her puppies that will be arriving soon. So this will be put to good use to help a mother and her pups get the care they deserve. Thank you kindly, Jesse and Brielle @ RainCoast”