Supporting Phoenix Theatre

Our Senior Property Manager, Zana, has had a close connection to the Phoenix Theatre over the last 6 years. Her daughter, Tea, attended UVic and recently graduated in Fine Arts with an acting specialization. Her daughter’s involvement in the Arts gave Zana the opportunity to watch 3-4 performances at the Theatre every year. Zana’s appreciation and support for the theatre artists and the department continues even with her daughter’s recent graduation.

We have learned that supporting the Phoenix Theatre and the Department of Theatre makes a crucial difference in the education of Canada’s next generation of theatre artists.  The department’s comprehensive philosophy means it is not enough to merely study theatre. They believe that students learn by doing and should be engaged in every aspect of the performance and production as an integral part of their education.

However, to continue this important work, the department must fundraise to cover essential expenses for sets, costumes and props. Although their mainstage plays are an essential part of their curriculum, university funding does not cover the costs of producing these plays.  Ticket prices – deliberately kept low to keep theatre accessible to all audiences – only cover two thirds of the production costs. The department relies on donations and corporate sponsorship to remain fiscally responsible.

To assist the Phoenix Theatre with their fundraising efforts, we are pleased to donate $900.

Learn more about how you can help here.