ShakeOutBC is Oct 15, Register Today!

BC ShakeOut is 10:15 am on Thursday, October 15, 2020!


ShakeoutBC is an initiative to prepare British Columbians for major earthquakes. This is an ongoing international campaign has registered participants in over 51 countries. Most of the countries involved are part of The Ring of Fire earthquake zone. Multi-state regions in the United States, provinces and territories in Canada and countries like Japan, New Zealand, and Australia register the most people.

International ShakeOut Day is always the The Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill is always scheduled for the third Thursday every October.


Victoria is located in a high risk zone. Earthquakes are happening all the time!

More than 3,000 earthquakes occur in British Columbia each year. Most are too small to be felt, but the risk of one big enough to cause significant damage is very real.  Participating in ShakeOutBC is an effective way to better understand BC’s earthquake risk and how to prepare.

Have peace of mind that you, your family, your co-workers and millions of others will be better prepared to survive and recover quickly from our next big earthquake!


Here is the link to Register today!