Our Commitment to the FGCA

Our mandate and vision for Duttons is to support the community where we work and live. It’s important to us and we know our good work in the community is helping to make Victoria a better place for all.

We are very proud to share this story below from Vanya McDonell about our contributions to the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association:


“Duttons have been donating funds to the FGCA for a number of years. Originally their funds were used to support our youth programs. At the time, we had a newly renovated youth space and very little programming to fill it. Donations from Duttons helped us to support those programs in the early years, when they were small and underfunded. It meant that kids who couldn’t afford the fees were able to be in youth programs with their peers. With Duttons’ support those programs have grown to be so popular that we have expanded and have a waiting list to get in. Providing a safe space and talented mentors to youth has benefits for the whole neighbourhood, and we’re so glad that David and Ole recognize and support that. 

Ifairfield-gonzales-badge-thanks1n early 2015 David and Ole approached us with their plans to donate a portion of their commission for homes they list in Fairfield to the association. Needless to say we were thrilled, and recognized that they could make a really big impact with these donations. As with most non-profits, most of the funds we receive are tied to specific programs, and we have very little funds for maintaining and improving our space. With David and Ole’s donations this year, we are able to rebuild our tattered and tired bike and stroller parking shelter. Active transportation is a huge part of a healthy and connected community – something both the FGCA and Duttons realty are committed to, so this is a perfect fit, and will provide a lasting legacy for their support.

We really can’t imagine the neighbourhood without Duttons!”

Vanya McDonell, Co-Executive Director, Fairfield Gonzales Community Association


We are very proud to support an organization in the neighbourhood we are rooted, both personally and professionally. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible!