Meet Peace Chigbundu!

Duttons is a growing company!

Introducing … Peace Chigbundu, our Client Success Manager. Read her bio here.

Peace helps our current (and potential) clients who are considering listing their property for sale, or wanting to buy property, by matching them with one of our experienced & trusted sales associates.

She checks-in and follows up with every single client in our entire sales & property management portfolio to ensure we’re responding to their changing needs. Our sales division is able to help all types of clients:

  • first-time buyers
  • retirees
  • savvy investors
  • families
  • everyone else!

FAIRFIELD IS OUR SPECIALTY! Are you wanting to live, work, play here, just like us? We’ve been in Fairfield for over 25+ years helping people like you!

Really, she’s there to listen and chat with you!