Congratulations David & Ole! 10 Years!

Congratulations to David & Ole on their 10 year anniversary as owners of the company.

From all of us here, thank you for your ongoing leadership & support!

This is a huge accomplishment and we thank you.

Here are some things the staff had to say on this celebratory day:

“We love what we do and it shows, from the top on down.”

“We are all here because of what you two have done to make this company what it is! Thank you!”

“Congrats David & Ole, on all you’ve accomplished and thank you for keeping Lois & Barry’s dream alive and thriving.”

“Thank you for your ongoing leadership and support “

“Because of who you are, you are very much loved, respected and appreciated! “

“Grateful for the both of you.”

” What a huge accomplishment, thanks for all that you do and all of your ongoing support!”