Property Management Done Right.

With more than 500 individual residences in the best neighbourhoods and major rentable buildings in Victoria, you can trust our expertise to protect your investment.

So... Why Duttons?

We thought we’d just outline our case below. Let us know what you think.

Start up fees. No siree!

That’s right, you heard it here first. We wouldn’t dream of charging you any start up fees of any kind. We also won’t charge you for photocopies, tenant credit checks or any marketing costs. We won’t even charge you for paperclips! No nickel or diming — we promise. Basically, you don’t pay any fees until we find you a qualified tenant. How does that sound?

Professional Photography?
Why yes, of course!

How could one hope to rent a property when the photos are taken with someone's iPhone? We know photos are important and can make all the difference when potential tenants are searching for their new home. That’s why we are willing to provide you, at our cost, with a full package of interior and exterior shots taken by a professional photographer. And we promise the photographer isn’t our cousin Vinny. We see it as an investment in a long and mutually-rewarding relationship. So you won’t see any dark or unsightly photos on our website. We promise.

Let’s bring in the team.

We know we wouldn’t be anywhere without our solid team of property management professionals behind us. We hate to brag, but they really are good at what they do. Every member of the team brings a specific skillset and area of expertise. What’s most shocking is that we actually talk to each other. I know. Who knew little things like open dialogue and teamwork in an atmosphere of mutual respect could make such a difference? We’re proud of what we do and most of all, we’re proud of our team.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

We are focused on one type of residential property management and we do it well. We are not involved in commercial leasing, strata management, mortgage products, or insurance. We are focused on you and your unique property. We are committed to efficiencies, speed, and superior client services. Our experienced team comes together collaboratively to ensure the best decisions are made at every turn. We cut the guesswork by utilizing online analytics. We can track the maintenance, scheduling, application process, marketing, showings, inspections and tenant assessments for your property.



As a Duttons tenant, you can expect a level of service and responsiveness that is unmatched in our region. And, when you are ready to move, we would like to be there as your advisor and guide to help you with your future real estate choices.

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We made a conscious decision to become a boutique sales brokerage and focus on more individualized services tailored to our client's offerings and distinct needs. In the process, we also get results!

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Our Guarantee

Our communication systems and responsive team of highly trained management professionals are prepared to meet the extensive demands of property management 24 hours a day. And we have chosen to specialize solely on the management of individual residences to allow us to focus and provide you the highest level of service and protection for your property.

Ultimately the success of your real estate investment depends on having specialized experts at your side. We are that company.

We look forward to working together,
Ole and David




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  • VREB MLS® Award Winner 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

David Logan

Co-Owner | Managing Broker

As Managing Broker, David Logan is a licensed Property Manager, REALTOR® and co-owner of Duttons. David grew up in Vancouver where he was a businessman/entrepreneur, developing and operating three successful companies. Prior to his role at Duttons, David also worked in Shanghai, China where he turned his attention to real estate through luxury property leasing. He has more than 20 years experience managing companies and has utilized his business skills to develop an atmosphere of collaboration, speed of response and a level of attention-to-detail that is unsurpassed in the industry.

David oversees the licensed activity of the property managers and handles the daily management of the brokerage, with an active portfolio of more than 525 properties. He works closely and tirelessly with the property management team to enhance and protect our clients’ assets.

David is a member of the Real Estate Board of Victoria and holds licenses in Property Management, Strata Management and Sales. David’s overall business acumen and leadership equates to superior client service through the combination of developing an exceptional team and harnessing the power of modern software and technology.

He calls Fairfield home and lives with his wife and two daughters just around the corner from the Duttons office. In his down time, David enjoys sailing, biking the neighbourhood and becoming a better bebop jazz guitarist. He’s even happy to view properties and go to meetings on his bike!


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  • VREB MLS® Gold Award 2014, 2015
  • 2013 MLS® Special Gold Award
  • VREB MLS® Silver Award 2009-2013

Ole Schmidt

Co-Owner | Associate Broker

With over a decade of real estate experience, Ole has earned a reputation as a local award-winning real estate expert and business leader. Ole is co-owner of Duttons, and holds licenses in Sales and Rental Property Management, as well as his Broker’s license. With a keen understanding of the real estate market and acumen for sales and negotiation, Ole leads our successful boutique Sales Division. He is also in charge of marketing for the brokerage and continues to find ways to elevate the Duttons brand, better serve existing clients and reach new ones. His exceptional marketing skills and forward-thinking business strategies are invaluable when working with David Logan on the strategic planning of the Property Management Division, which has an active portfolio of over 500 properties.

Ole’s patient, detail-oriented and knowledgeable approach to real estate, makes him endearing to both clients and fellow real estate colleagues. He is skilled at finding out what makes people tick and how they really want to live. Clients admire his talent for detecting even subtle assets or defects of a property, and his ability to solve problems creatively and sensitively. Ole knows business is about getting the details right and this is why there is no one you’d rather have in your corner when making a real estate move.

Ole’s local upbringing affords him an intimate knowledge of the neighbourhoods, cultures and buildings that make up our great city. He is a graduate of St. Michaels University School and the University of Victoria, from which he holds a Bachelor of Science degree. It is his education in urban planning, as well as his passion for design and architecture, that originally sparked his interest in real estate. Ole is comfortable in a world of cultural, ethnic and economic diversity, having also worked in South Korea for five years. In his free time, he loves exploring new destinations and spending time with his partner Genevieve. You might also find him training at the local gym, enjoying the sunny patios in Cook Street Village or planning his next renovation. Fairfield is his home.


Zana Siskin

Senior Rental Property Manager

Zana has brought her expert guidance to our Duttons clients since 2008. Her legal knowledge and expertise is invaluable and her deep knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act, enables Zana to guide our clients through complex property issues and maximize their property’s potential.

Zana holds licenses in both Property Management and Strata Management and understands the importance of superior tenant relations and how that translates to success for our property owners. Continually learning and keeping abreast of changes within the industry, Zana is always seeking more knowledge to impart to both our tenants and property owners alike.

She is devoted to her chosen profession with more than 17 years experience in the business of real estate management. Clients know she works tirelessly on their behalf, bringing dedicated skill and passion to their property. She loves what she does and it is readily apparent to both our clients and their tenants with every interaction.


Brian Ogilvie

Associate Broker | Director of Operations

Brian brings exceptional operational abilities to Duttons. Brian is licensed as an Associate Broker with the company and along with achieving his Broker’s license, he is licensed in Property Management and Strata. His organizational, time-management and communication skills help ensure the many complex details of our property portfolio are tracked. In a detail-oriented business, Brian’s skills are critical to ensure our property owner’s interests are well looked after.

Brian studied marketing at Camosun College and International Management at the University of Lethbridge but his travels and work experience abroad are what allowed Brian to gain an International perspective to business. Brian lived in France where he studied French and interned with a large corporation before returning to Canada to work in corporate communications and investor relations in Calgary. Finally, Brian obtained an internship at the Canadian Consulate in Seattle and worked in the treasury department of a Fortune 500 foreign exchange company in 2010 before joining Duttons.

Born and raised in Victoria, Brian also has an intimate knowledge of the city. A lifelong learner and detail-oriented, he is continually working to improve our systems for the benefit of our clients.

Luisa Celis

Business Development Manager

Luisa is responsible for New Business Development in Property Management and is fluent in German, English and Spanish. Originally from Venezuela, she brings a wealth of experience to our clients, assisting property owners with rental guidance and caring expertise. Licensed in Rental Property Management and Strata as well as being a Licensed REALTOR® allows her to guide clients through the complex details of managing property.

With a love of real estate, history and architecture plus a passion for superb service, Luisa truly enjoys helping property owners. Detailed, responsive and thorough, our clients know she can provide the guidance needed to successfully reach their goals. 

Luisa is a graduate from Capilano University and is also a certified Legal Administrative Assistant. More notably, she is a published author and a life-long learner and believes we all need to “Be the change you want to see”. When not working, Luisa can be found writing, cooking, spending time with her family, or taking photographs while hiking with her little dog Abbey – a Yorkshire Biewer mixed with grasshopper, judging by the way she can jump.​


Faye Wright

PM Office Manager

Faye is Office Manager in the Property Management Division and is responsible for administration procedures, training and results. Faye has assisted the Property Managers in all of their administrative duties since 2009.

She has extensive experience in the Housing Department of the University of Victoria, as well as in Co-op Housing and hospitality. Faye’s experience with tenants and the housing industry enables her to bring high quality customer service to Duttons every day.

Faye understands the importance of tracking details. She assists in maximizing showing appointments for our clients’ properties by fielding inquiries quickly and is able to smoothly assist tenants through rental issues. Working closely with the Property Management team she has deep knowledge of strata properties and how they function.

Faye brings care and compassion to her work and helps organize the many details involved in successful property management. Most importantly, she is quietly able to develop and nourish relationships within the industry to the benefit of our clients.


Cindy Hayworth

Senior Accounts Manager

Cindy joined Duttons in 2007 and brings a strong background of accounting skills and management to the Company. During her tenure at Duttons, Cindy has streamlined our accounting systems and is focused on the security and confidentiality of client transactions, utilizing the newest online transfer technology available.

Cindy is responsible for delivering the timely financial reports clients require and works closely with local accountants on behalf of our clients living abroad. On the tenant side, Cindy maintains and handles the setup of our electronic tenant payment systems.

Having operated her own Property Management and Sales business for fifteen years prior to joining Duttons, Cindy is able to offer a high level of experience and expertise to both our clients and Duttons itself. Each day she skilfully answers client and tenant inquiries regarding their accounts. Above all, Cindy meticulously tracks the many financial details imperative to solid management and adds value to our property owners.


Cassandra Bartle

Maintenance Coordinator

Cassandra joined our Duttons team in 2014 and quickly proved to be an invaluable source to both our owners and property management team. Cassandra is skilled at assessing maintenance needs and quickly finding solutions. You’ll find that she’s a fantastic communicator and multi-tasker who can schedule and coordinate tradespeople like a pro.

Cassandra helps minimize issues and costs and always provides a timely response that gives our owners and tenants confidence. She assists our property managers to manage a portfolio of over 500 individual residences, providing superior service, professionalism and a sense of humour at every turn. In her spare time, Cassandra is a fitness junkie and an avid cyclist.


Jared Csizmadia

Rental Property Manager

Jared’s keen interest in 20th century art, architecture, and design gives him a genuine appreciation for the beautiful variety of homes in Victoria. You might catch him at local community music and theatrical events, as he is both people and community-oriented.

Jared joined Duttons in 2013. He is a licensed Rental Property Manager and brings his management experience, strong interpersonal skills, and community experience to the Duttons Property Management team.

Jared studied at the University of Victoria and has lived and worked in Victoria for over 20 years. Jared currently resides on the Saanich Peninsula with his wife and two children and has many rare insights into the different communities of Greater Victoria.


Allison Dunn Bichsel

Rental Property Manager

Allison enjoys matching the right property to the right tenant and assisting our owners with excellent service and timely reporting. Previously, Allison helped build a property portfolio for a brokerage in Qualicum and as a licensed Rental Property Manager, she combines a professional attitude, eye for detail and a keen understanding of the rental market and Residential Tenancy Act.

You’ll find her to be a skilled communicator and a responsive member of our team committed to working with property owners to maintain clean, comfortable and safe properties. As a graduate of Tourism Management Studies from Vancouver Island University, Allison has an appreciation of different architectural styles as well as interior design and a passion for outdoor adventure and travel.

She adores the West Coast lifestyle including walks on our many beaches and Dallas Road coastline, boating and camping.


Joan Paul

Admin Assistant | Receptionist

Joan has been a valuable member of our Reception and Customer Service Team for our Property Management office since 2009. Joan’s calm professionalism is admired by both our clients and her colleagues alike. From the moment you call or enter our building, she is focused on helping you connect to the right person. She brings attention-to-detail and diligence to the many facets of our property portfolio.

She has spent many years in the real estate, customer service and hospitality industries and provides administrative assistance to the Property Management Team. Most importantly, Joan provides that warm sense of welcome for clients, tenants, suppliers and anyone interacting with Duttons.

Joan understands the link between how superior management starts with that first phone call or inquiry, and how each team member contributes to the success of our clients and their property.

Julie Caron

Property Management Consultant

Julie has worked with Duttons since 2000 and currently assists as a Property Management adviser. She has an extensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry, having been licensed for over 35 years. Over that time Julie has been involved in all aspects of the profession, including Property Management, Sales, Marketing, Mortgage Brokerage, Appraisal and Corporate Management.

An invaluable member of the team, Julie brings a passion for real estate and business to our clients and company. She is able to assist our property owners in attaining their goals through a high level of expertise and specialized guidance.

She was born and raised in Vancouver and moved to Victoria 20 years ago. When she is not working with clients you can find her out bike riding or walking the Galloping Goose. Julie currently lives near Thetis Lake.


Susanne Newton

Accounts Manager | Sales Conveyancing

Susanne has helped the company grow from its inception to present. She began with Barry and Lois with the founding of the company in 1995 and holds a wealth of knowledge in all things real estate.

Today Susanne skillfully handles Sales Conveyancing and acts as our Accounts Manager. She understands the importance of exceptional customer service and greets our clients from our Sales Reception daily. For our clients’ benefit she tracks the many details of a successful transaction, ensuring even the smallest details are handled diligently from the acceptance of an offer to completion of a sale.

Susanne is involved in all aspects of the Sales Team and coordinates between our clients and their lawyers/advisors. Over the years Susanne has earned the respect of the industry and a wealth of professional contacts. When not at Duttons, Susanne loves to travel.

Jenny Oosterman

Sales Coordinator | Receptionist

Jenny is invaluable as an Assistant to the Sales Team. She brings years of experience in real estate, having honed her skills as a key member of a real estate brokerage in Ontario. With Duttons since 2009, she is involved in preparing marketing materials for our properties, coordinating showings and tracking feedback from agent showings.

Most importantly, Jenny works diligently to ensure our team is well informed and has all of the materials they need to facilitate the successful marketing of a property.

Her background and experience have helped the Sales Team grow in efficiencies and provide our clients with an exceptional level of personalized service. In fact, both our clients and suppliers know how personable Jenny is, and how keen she is to help.

Away from Duttons, you might see Jenny cheering on our Royals hockey team.


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  • VREB MLS® Silver Award 2010, 2014 & 2015

Christina Carrick


Over the past 7 years, Christina Carrick has been involved in the sale of new condominiums throughout both Victoria and Vancouver valued in excess of $50 million. She has great depth of knowledge in the area of marketing resale detached homes, townhouses, duplexes and condominiums. An extremely hard worker, Christina brings energy and creativity and dedicates herself to surpassing the expectations of our clients.

Christina specializes in strata sales that include condominiums, townhouses and bare-land strata. The purchase of strata involves a variety of unique skills and knowledge, such as understanding the Strata Property Act, applicable bylaws, financial statements and depreciation reports — all of which Christina is well-versed in.

Christina’s passions for the environment and social justice have led her to adopt a progressive and unique approach to the Victoria real estate market. She is currently working towards certification as a Green Agent and looks forward to assisting our clients in this area in the future.

Christina holds an Honour’s Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and Ethics from the University of Victoria and has received training as a REALTOR® from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Christina is also a member of the National Association Green Agents and Brokers.

When not selling real estate, Christina enjoys working with CAUSE Canada, an international development agency that specializes in micro-credit as well as health and education programs for marginalized peoples living in West Africa and Central America.

Visit to learn more about Christina, her services and her listings.


Lois Dutton

REALTOR® | Company Founder

Lois and her husband Barry founded Duttons & Co. Real Estate Ltd. in 1995. They soon became known as a local success story, delivering a brand of service based on integrity, dedication, fresh ideas, and exceptional results. For nearly 17 years they were responsible for the smooth operation of the Sales and Property Management divisions before passing ownership responsibilities to David and Ole in 2012.

There are some people you never forget. Lois is one of these people. During the past 25 years, she has become one of the most trusted and respected REALTOR®s in Greater Victoria. She knows this city inside and out, and has consistently won clients’ loyalty with her proven real estate expertise and thoughtful, innovative and consultative approach. In 2008 she received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Victoria Real Estate Board for 20 consecutive years of MLS® Gold Awards.

Lois is an avid reader with a keen eye for trends, always keeping her finger on the pulse of the real estate market. In the many testimonials from the clients she has served, Lois is often referred to as inspirational.



Barry Dutton

Company Founder

Barry and his wife Lois founded Duttons & Co. Real Estate Ltd. in 1995. They soon became known as a local success story, delivering a brand of service based on integrity, dedication, fresh ideas, and exceptional results. For nearly 17 years they were responsible for the smooth operation of the Sales and Property Management divisions before passing ownership responsibilities to David and Ole in 2012.